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Registration is completed on eLion.

Students are to schedule their courses on eLion.

Approximately six (6) weeks prior to the start of classes, eBills will be prepared for students who have scheduled classes. Students will receive notification via their official University e-mail account that their tuition bill is available on eLion.

PLEASE NOTE: It is necessary that the Bursar’s office hears from students whether or not a payment is due.

Students on paid an assistantship/fellowship should go to Bills/Tuition/Other and click on “Request changes to bill”.

Select: Change in financial aid, and explain in the explanation box that they are either on a paid an assistantship in the department or fellowship.

Registration is only complete after the Bursar reviews and approves. Students will be notified directly from the Bursar via their PSU E-mail account.

Failure to register by due date results in $250 late registration fee.