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Withdrawal from Program

Procedure for withdrawing from the Ph.D. Program.

Withdrawal prior to attending classes

If a student decides to withdraw before attending any classes, a memo is sent to the PhD Office who in turn will inform the Graduate Enrollment Services, canceling courses.

Currently enrolled students leaving before PhD degree is granted and who do not expect to return to the program need to complete a withdrawal form:


The withdrawal form is signed by the academic department, forwarded to the Graduate Officer (Smeal Ph.D. Director) for signature, who then forwards to Graduate Enrollment Services (GES) , 114 Kern Bldg. GES will notify the Registrar office.

Taking a leave of absence

If students take a leave of absence, with the expectation of returning, they should inform their department and the PhD Office. Upon their expected return they may complete a resume study form:


This form is submitted to the Graduate School and they forward to the College who has the right to either accept or reject the re-admission of the student.

Guidelines for Graduate Assistant Paid Leaves

The Graduate School guidelines for GA paid leaves may be found here:


Changing to a terminal MS degree

If a student transfers from a PhD program to a Master's program in Business Administration, s/he can request continuation of assistantship for one more semester beyond the semester the paperwork for the degree change is filed. Such requests must be supported by the department chair, and will be evaluated by the Director of the PhD Programs and, if necessary, in consultation with the Dean's Office. If the student is continued on the assistantship, s/he will be will be required to perform TA/RA work as determined by the Department Chair of the program in which the student was pursuing a PhD.

A student on an assistantship who is terminating from a PhD Program without pursuing a Master's degree in Business Administration is eligible to continue receiving the assistantship to the end of the current semester or when the student leaves the program, whichever occurs first. The student, however, is not eligible to receive an assistantship in subsequent semesters.

The maximum grade level for a student in an MS program is 14. The assistantship grade level will be revised at the completion of the semester in which a PhD student transitions into the MS program. Likewise, if the student is receiving any enhancement funds, they will also be terminated at the completion of the semester.