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Ph.D. Student Conference Travel

Ph.D. students can request financial assistance with conference travel.

Financial support from the Ph.D. Program may be provided to doctoral students who are either presenting a paper at one of the major conferences in their field; or attending a conference in their market year in the program for the purpose of interviewing with schools. The Ph.D. Office will pay up to 50% of expenses, or no more than $1,500 in total expenses. Higher amounts (e.g., for international travel) may be approved at the discretion of the Ph.D. Program Director.  All request must be made and approved in advance of the travel. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Student emails a request containing the name, city, and date of the conference, whether presenting a paper or interviewing (or both), and a list of itemized estimated expenses to their Department Admin AND Ph.D. Coordinator for approval, with a cc: to Dana Campolongo/PhD Office.
  2. If approved, the Department Office and the PhD Office will respond with an approved funding amount.
  3. Once approved, please work with your department on the travel arrangements and the trip reconciliation. The approved funding will be divided appropriately between the department and the PhD budget in the ERS system. A copy of the approval e-mail and the total cost of the trip must be listed in the ERS report, along with the appropriate receipts.