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This folder stores PDF files for the PhD program
Ph D Info Guide 2016 PDF
Program guide for Smeal Ph.D. students and faculty
0809 Student Photo Directory PDF
Ph.D Photo Directory 08-09
Form A: Competency Requirements PDF
For Year 1 Ph.D. students to review with their department's Ph.D. coordinator and submit the completed form to the Ph.D. Program office during the first semester in the program. Update as requirements are met.
Form B: English Standards Requirements PDF
The English Standards requirements must be met by all students PRIOR to scheduling their comprehensive exam. Form B is due to the Ph.D. Program office in Year 2 of the student's program of study.
Form F: Program of Study PDF
File with the Ph.D. Program office within one semester of completion of Candidacy exam.
Form J: Dissertation Proposal Completion Report PDF
Turn Form J in to the Ph.D. office after presenting your open dissertation proposal.
Form J: Disseration Proposal Completion Report PDF
Form J
Ph.D. Timeline PDF
Timeline for Ph.D. students to use to track progress through the program.