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Honor & Integrity at Smeal

Integrity matters at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business. It stands as a fundamental part of our culture and permeates what we do as a leading business school both in and out of our classrooms.

The Smeal Honor Code represents a shared commitment to uphold the values of integrity and honesty in our academic pursuits.  As we prepare ourselves for the professional rigors of decision-making and leadership, we will invest in one another to build trusted relationships and a shared reputation for integrity.

The Code: We, the Smeal College of Business community, aspire to the highest ethical standards and will hold each other accountable to them. We will not engage in any action that is improper or that creates the appearance of impropriety in our academic lives, and we intend to hold to this standard in our future careers.

Our Aspirations

  • Live up to the highest ethical standards in our academic and professional lives
  • Make ourselves accountable to each other
  • Challenge each other to strive for greatness
  • Demand that our successes come only from fair and ethical means
  • Cultivate the ethical business leaders of tomorrow
  • Enhance Smeal’s brand and reputation.

Connect – phd-ms@smeal.psu.edu