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Get Involved

There are a number of ways for MBA students to get involved in Honor and Integrity at Smeal.

There are a number of ways for PhD students to get involved in Honor and Integrity at Smeal:

Ethical Issues Luncheons

Luncheons for the Graduate Programs are held throughout the semester and offer thought-provoking, real-world business ethics issues presented by Smeal faculty members and invited guests.   Come out, listen, and to share your viewpoint in a friendly, open session.  Previous topics for luncheons include Economics & Ethics in Academia, Is Social Corporate Responsibility Ethical?, and The Ethics of Uncertainty: Truth in Advertising on the Averages.

Graduate Programs Honor Board ("Pool")

The Graduate Programs Honor Board is the group or "pool" of students who are trained to sit on Investigation or Review Panels in the event of a reported academic infraction.  Currently, a handful of PhD students are "pool trained" and it is our intent to have the entire PhD community trained over the course of the academic year.   After receiving training, students who wish to opt in to the Honor Board/ Pool should contact Renee Flemish.  PhD students who are trained and willing to serve on an Honor Board/Pool may be called upon during the academic year to review academic integrity cases within the program.  Honor Board members are expected to maintain strict confidentiality of the case at all times and be prepared to serve at any time.

Smeal College Honor Committee

The Smeal College Honor Committee is an advisory panel created by the Dean of the Smeal College of Business to gather and present feedback about the Honor Code.  It is composed of undgraduate, MBA, and PhD students as well as faculty and alumni.  Students interested in participating in the Smeal College Honor Committee can nominate themselves or request a professor's nomination.  Once all nominations are gathered, the Dean will select and notify students of their membership onto the Committee.