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Personnel Security Thesis, Dissertation and Institutional Research Awards

Graduate Students and Faculty

Deadline: July 15

The purpose of the awards is to help fund research addressing issues pertinent to personnel security policy. The areas covered by this funding program include financial and credit, candidate screening and crime detection procedures, prescreening, background investigation, adjudication, continuing evaluation, employee assistance programs, security awareness, security education, and forensic psychophysiology.

To be eligible for the thesis or dissertation award, applicants must be students enrolled in a graduate program at a university accredited by the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools for their region and be sponsored by both their university and the chair of their thesis or dissertation committee. Candidates for a thesis award must also have satisfactorily completed at least 2/3 of the non-thesis credit hours required for graduation in their program. To receive a dissertation award candidates must be eligible to enter doctoral candidacy within six months from the date of their application. Prior to the dissertation award being granted, recipients must have completed all degree requirements except for the dissertation defense.

The maximum award for master's degree thesis awards is $5,000/student. The maximum award for dissertation grants is $15,000/student. The maximum award for institutional awards is $30,000/project. The maximum awards for forensic psychophysiology are $5,000, $15,000 and $150,000 respectively. Institutions are eligible to receive multiple awards.


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