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APICS Educational and Research Foundation, George and Marion Plossl, Doctoral Dissertation Competition

Management Majors

Deadline: December 31

The E & R Foundation will initially grant one award of $2,500 for a dissertation dealing with the following subjects which have been identified as priority topics. Subjects eligible for the competition are as follows:

Integrated Enterprise Management : Dissertations in this area explore the keys to successful cross-functional management issues. Topics include case studies on the interplay and interpersonal skills required for effective team interaction, case studies on implementation of strategic business decisions, plans for measurement systems consistent with the enterprise's mission and vision, and successful streamlining of corporations.

Customers and Products : Dissertations on subjects in this area focus on recognizing customer needs in designing and developing products and providing customers with ongoing product support. The area also includes marketing, sales, field service, and new product development in the customer service loop.

Delivering Products and Services : These dissertations that link logistics to production and inventory control, purchase the supply chain.

Manufacturing Processes : The topics in this section explore facilities management, process design, development; implementing new manufacturing technologies.

Support Functions : This areas's topic include information systems, human resources, total quality management; accounting and finance, particularly performance other than traditional cost accounting.

Entrants must be candidates for the doctorate in production and operations management. Dissertation must be approved by the primary thesis advisor and not more than 50% completed at time of submission.

Further instructions for submission and application can be obtained at the website below.


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